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Here are some songs, stories, and activities to do while we have church at home!

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Worship and Fun Songs!

January 10th - Jesus' Childhood

Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2)

Family Activity Ideas!

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January 3rd - God Made Winter

God Made Seasons ~ Story Time with Ana
The Berenstain Bears | God Made the Seasons
The Nativity - Beginners Bible
Jesus is born - Bible For Kids
Jesus is Born (O little town of Bethlehem)
LEGO The Christmas Story (The Birth of Jesus)
The King Is Born S01Ep01 Animated Stories from the New Testament

November 8th - Entering The Promise Land

God's Story: Wilderness
God’s Story: Joshua Becomes Leader
God's Story: Joshua Crosses the Jordan
Israel enters the Promise Land
The Bible App for Kids - 11. Entering The Promised Land | Animated Bible Stories

November 1st - Moses

Superbook - Let My People Go! - Season 1 Episode 4 - Full Episode (Official HD Version)
Moses and the Burning Bush (Exodus 2-3)
God's Story: Moses
Moses, The Leader
Moses, The Exodus

October 25th - Baby Moses

Baby Moses
Baby Moses (Exodus 1-2)
Moses is Born

October 18th - Jaycob's 12 Sons

God's Story: Jacob Wrestles
The 12 Tribes of Israel Song
EP. #7 “Joseph” (Part 1) | The Bible: A Brickfilm (LEGO Bible Movie)

October 11th - Rachel

Jacob & Rachel
Jacob Marries Rachel and Leah - A Faith Kids Story Video

October 4th - God Made Fall

One year in 40 seconds
Seasons Song for Kids ♫ Autumn Leaves are Falling Down ♫ Fall Kids Song ♫ by The Learning Station
How To Draw Fall Leaves

September 27th - Jacob and Esau

Jacob and Esau
God's Story: Jacob and Esau
Jacob and Esau Meet Again
Jacob Returns Home

September 20th - Isaac and Rebekah

Isaac & Rebekah
Genesis 24 Isaac and Rebekah Kids Bible Lessons Lesson Video
A Bride for Isaac

September 13th - Baby Isaac

Abraham and Isaac Bibles story for kids
Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 18 & 21)
Sarah Laughs (Genesis 18)
Abraham And Sarah

September 6th - God Calls Abram

God's Story: Abraham and Sarah
Abram to Abraham (Genesis 15-21)